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Womenswear Daily features AIDA

The smartest way to achieve your online potential

Strengthen your e-commerce offering and outperform your competition with our Digital Sales Assistant
The Retailer Issue

e-tailers are struggling to meet customer expectations as the channel continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

How can businesses have a clear picture of their online store and recognize crucial areas for improvement as they continue to evolve?

The AIDA Solution

A Digital Sales Assistant that monitors your online shop floor and presents you with actionable insights.

Every retailer wants to create the best possible experience for their online customers. The Digital Sales Assistant (DSA) helps retailers fulfill that goal and optimize content to achieve the best possible conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

The AIDA Mission

In this digital age, we believe retailing can be made simpler.

At AIDA, we're dedicated to helping retailers continually excel by providing them with detailed, tailor-made data reports and combining this information with our expert industry advice so that you can compete with the best in your industry.

1 Overview

Gathering the data is easy, understanding how to use it is a challenge.

We capture the customer’s view of retailers’ product offers in a way that allows tactical and strategic decisions that enhance trading economics.

For over 150 years, retail has evolved, adapted, and established core practices that continue to support physical store and catalog retailers to this day. But these core practices are getting lost in translation when it comes to e-commerce due to the sheer speed at which the channel is evolving. What has become the standard in-store, has disappeared online, leaving customers confused and unwilling to shop. 


Introducing the
Digital Sales Assistant (DSA)

Product Issues & Compliance (PIC)

PIC can increase your net promoter score by as much as 7.5%

From spelling mistakes and broken links to factual inaccuracy and unfulfilled legal requirements, our DSA continually analyzes your websites, so that you can be confident of your online presentation standards and legal compliance.

Product Facet Cloaking (PFC)

Where facets are used to find or filter the product, there's an opportunity to increase sales by over 10%

We've noticed across multiple retailers that product filters and facets are often incomplete, cloaking a large number of products from the customer's view. Our DSA prevents you from losing further sales by telling you exactly what products are missing and where they should be.  

Product Information Quality Score (PIQ Score)

We have found that as little as 1% improvement in elements of the PIQ score can increase conversions by 0.3%

Centered on the key criteria of accuracy, consistency, relevancy, and completeness, our DSA analyzes your online content compared to your top competitors and the marketplace to produce a set of quantified scores. 

2 Introducing DSA
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3 Clients


"The DSA reporting is enabling us to target improvement opportunities at the micro level whilst at the same time giving us a macro level view of how our content strategy is performing."

- Kingfisher PLC

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